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With all that wackiness going on, I rarely post to DW but I am friendly and would love to interact with you! You can mostly find me on Twitter these days.
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( Jan. 31st, 2013 03:56 pm)
A quick run-down of my first seven years in vidding:

Year 1: How do I cut?

Year 2: OMG SO FUN

Year 3: Some people actually like my stuff?

Year 4: Huge community is infinite

Year 5: Huh, I never thought about any of that. Or that. Or that. This changes everything.


Year 7: How do I cut?

For this reason I think 2013 will be fantastic. Behold my flawless logic.

VIVIDCON and awards sites )

In the meantime I've been clipping the Mass Effect series for what I hope will be a VidUKon vid. (Spoiler: It's a lot of footage. Thank goodness for beccatoria.) Milly's already working on her Club Vivid vid, which has the potential to be total cracky perfection and an absolute classic. No pressure, Milly.
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( Apr. 7th, 2012 07:08 am)
Trying out this whole Dreamwidth/LJ crossposting thing. I know, I know - welcome to 2009. Don't press me, ok?? Change is hard!


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